Drelis Organic skincare Products

Our Drelis Organic skincare Products are 5 shades(majority are five shades). You can choose to maintain a particular shade.

Why am I emphasizing On Drelis Organic Skincare Products?

Drelis Organic skincare products are produced from food material, avoiding the temptation of using harsh chemicals and applying the use of every day Organic food materials to rejuvenate, replenish and glow the skin.

I tell my client “those that know me” that we do not produced hypo-base skin care products or use hair relaxer to tone our client (the after effect is nothing to write home). We use raw materials from food substance to enhance your natural skin complexion and retain your child like complexion void of harsh weather, dust and chemical effect.

Our products patiently and gradually enhance your shades of complexion.

We have in stock;
1- Stretch mark kit
2- Pregnant woman glow (like the name implies)
3- Knuckle set
4- dark under arm and thigh set
5- Glowing oil
6- caramel tone lotion
7- Organic Black Soap
8- kids glow set.
9- body scrub
10- face cleanser
11- sunburn kit
12- Acne/pimple set
13- face cream
14- sets of skincare Products, which includes ; body lotion, scrub, oil, face cream, cleanser, and soap/gel (we have swiss milk set, Anti-aging set, half caste set, Cuban glow set, Extra whitening Cream set, Super whitening Cream set etc……)
15- Maintainance for light and dark skin
16- treatment for blackhead
17- Dark under arm and thigh set
18- Malaysia Lotion
19- Shower gels (Asian, Philippines, glutax)etc…
20- pink lips

Do you have issues with itching skin?
Worry less, we got you.

We also have inorganic products for personal and home care use.

Our joy is in meeting your cosmetics need.
DRELIS COSMETICS PRODUCTS, Active and Effective Products at All time.

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